The Training

Can we work with you to tackle modern slavery?

A training package with Modern Slavery Consultants starts long before the classroom when we sit down and spend time getting under the skin of your business to understand your needs and where we can help educate and train your staff, at whatever level, to play their part in ensuring a slave-free workplace.

From here, we will make our recommendations. From the top down, this could include:

All training will seek to deliver an overview of modern slavery and human trafficking, what it is and how we define it. It will also detail the signs and indicators that may suggest that someone could be a victim and ensure that there is a clear understanding of the organisation’s procedures to deal with a case should this occur.

Wherever possible, the training content will be tailored to the specific business sector/s with relevant case studies and film clips used to demonstrate and support. Where it would be beneficial or relevant, perhaps following an identified incidence of modern slavery or human trafficking, one of our investigators may also attend the training from an operational perspective.

Trainees will each receive supporting materials as appropriate to their role within the organisation.

We know that our training is impactful and works, indeed a recent case which led to the conviction of three perpetrators was as a result of someone who had attended a session delivered by one of our trainers. But don’t just take our word for it…

But don't just take our word for it...