Associate Investigators

Our Associate Investigators are real but, as they are often required to undertake covert work, we prefer to protect their full identities.


Associate Investigator

Following his early career in the armed forces, Andy spent 25 years with the police service, reaching the rank of Detective Inspector, specialising in anti-corruption.  During this time, Andy gained significant experience in a diverse area of investigative roles both within law enforcement and on secondment to the civil service as an Investigation Manager.

After retirement from the police service, Andy led a team of investigators responding to cases of human trafficking and modern slavery.  Over a period of three years he was personally responsible for the rescue of many victims and worked closely with other agencies, including law enforcement, local authorities and charity/voluntary organisations. One particular high-profile case resulted in the rescue of over 30 victims from one criminal gang and led to a commendation by the Crown Court.

Andy has also been involved in the training of large numbers of frontline professionals from the police, local authorities, the NHS and the business world.


Associate Investigator

A former police officer with West Yorkshire Police to the rank of Detective Inspector, Gary has wide experience within the field of criminal investigation and conduct.

He was seconded to the National Crime Squad (later the Serious Organised Crime Agency – SOCA) where he led investigations into the country’s most notorious/elusive criminals both in the UK and overseas.  As Principal Officer, he became Head of Branch Intelligence and managed all aspects of sensitive intelligence obtained and gathered by SOCA.

Gary later became a self employed private investigator working for a range of different clients and for two years worked exclusively to combat human trafficking within the UK, working with local authorities, NGOs and various other organisations to identify and rescue victims of modern day slavery. He also worked with many UK police forces in support of their investigations into organisations and individuals responsible from human trafficking in the UK.

Using his practical knowledge and experience, Gary became involved in the training of over 2000 frontline police officers to identify the signs of human trafficking effectively deal with the victims.


Associate Investigator

Jake retired as a Detective Sergeant from West Yorkshire Police having completed 34 years’ service, the majority of this time was spent as an operational detective, both locally and nationally, investigating serious and organised crime.

Since then, Jake has been involved in the rescue and debriefing of many victims of human trafficking. This involved proactive covert surveillance on potential victims and their traffickers and maintaining close working relationships with the police, the UK Human Trafficking Centre and the agencies providing care and assistance to victims. Where appropriate he worked with local police forces to assist in obtaining evidence to prosecute the perpetrators.

Jake is an accredited police trainer and has trained officers from four of the major forces in the north of England, as well as training social services, local authority staff, medical professionals and many NGOs and charities in how to spot the signs and indicators of human trafficking and modern slavery.


Associate Investigator

Phil is a retired police Inspector, having served 30 years with West Yorkshire Police.  His experience in the police service covered all aspects of operational policing, specialising in criminal investigation.  During his time in the police, Phil was also a national hostage negotiator.

Following retirement from the police service, Phil spent two years as an investigator with a charitable organisation involved in the rescue and support of victims of human trafficking and modern slavery where his role also included conducting enquiries and overt /covert surveillance to identify the perpetrators, gathering evidence and working with the police to ensure that perpetrators were brought to justice.

Phil was personally involved in the rescue of many victims of human trafficking and modern slavery and developed and maintained great working relationships with public service providers, including the police, social services, government departments and other voluntary organisations. He was also involved in the training of 2000 police staff to help them better understand and recognise human trafficking and modern slavery.